The Last Dragon

Genre: Action, Adventure, Creature

Release Date 14 April, 2011 Language English Subtitle Malay / Chinese / English Cast Jordan Chan, Sam Neill, Louis Corbett, Robert Mammone, Li Lin Jin Director Mario Andreacchio
Story Sypnosis

It was meant to be a quiet vacation to a boring archeological dig in China as Josh and Ling, two young teenagers, go to spend some time with each of their parents. Very soon though, strange and mysterious things begin to happen that unfold into the sighting of a “monster” deep in a cave whose entrance has been hidden through a temple for thousands of years.

Josh tries to warn his father and everyone about this strange creature they have encountered, only to be chided as “overreacting” and the “little kid who sees monsters”.

Ling senses unexplained bigger forces at play, and realises that this “monster” is in fact an ancient Chinese Dragon, trapped on earth because it was separated from its magical “pearl”. What did happen to the pearl? And where is it now? What dangers lurk behind the scenes of the archeological excavation Josh’s father is working on? Are they the only ones that know about the power of the ancient pearl?

The sleeping dragon has been awoken. A breathtaking struggle between good and evil.

And their parents finally realising that the 2 young people were not crazy after all.

Some vacation!

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