Shadows of Love 影子爱人

Genre: Romance

Release Date 11 May, 2012 Language Mandarin Subtitle Malay / Chinese / English Cast Cecilia Cheung, Kwon Sang Woo, Angela Chang, Jing Bo Ran, Sally Jing, Sphnix Ting Director Calvin Poon, Producer: Stanley Kwan
Story Sypnosis

A florist named Qin Xin (Starring Cecilia Cheung) will never thought that she would look exactly the same with Paris, the daugther of KNC Corporation who disappeared in a sudden. KNC Chief Executive Officer, Quan Zheng Xun (Starring ), had spend large amount to buy a short time in her life, to pretend and replace Paris’s identity to carry on the operation of the company, in order to prevent chaos in the company and taken over by others.

Qin had agreed to the Quan’s request, while Quan thought Qin is money minded woman. It supposed to be an absurdity yet cost-effective transaction, they should be come and hurried passing’s strangers. However, Qin and Quan will never think they will fall in love with each others in this flirtation of gambling. Qin also have to admit that she did lose when she plays Paris’s identity, and fall into the “who am I” tangled.

Wealth is belongs to Paris, as well as friends and lover, Paris suddenly appeared in a ball that Qin Xin should grab the attention of the event initially. Qin had been forced to return everything to Paris without negotiation, including Quan. Quan has to choose between two women who have different personalities.

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