Mysterious Island 孤岛惊魂

Genre: Horror

Release Date 14 July, 2011 Language Cantonese Subtitle Malay / Chinese / English Cast Jordan Chan , Mini Yang, Anya, Janel Choi, You Nam WONG, Ting Yau TSUI Director Kai Cheong CHUNG
Story Sypnosis

The unfair are always masked with the name of fairness; is the weak one always destined to be the loser……This is an inspiring story of how the weak one in a modern urban struggling for survival, finally achieved a success with faith and hearts, and was accidentally rewarded as the oversea treasure hunter.

The story describes an ordinary office worker (Yi Lin) who was cheated by her boyfriend to abuse 50 million dollars from the company fund, being incapable of repaying the company. The notorious boss threatened her to devote herself in order to repay the liability. It was about her to be hopeless; she accidentally obtained a qualification of participating a survival game named <Mysterious Island> which the greatest reward is 50 Million dollar. She decided to fight for herself.

The game started in a condition which looks pretty fair. 8 challengers coming from South East Asia and China were separated in to 4 groups, which were 10 in total including TV emcee Stanley and photographer Ken. But an accident occurred when the boat was about to reach the island, which indicated an unfair journey.

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