Hong Kong Ghost Stories 猛鬼故事

Genre: Ghost, Horror

Release Date 27 November, 2011 Language Cantonese Subtitle Malay / Chinese / English Cast Jennifer Tse, Chrissie Chau, Him Law, Stephy Tang, Jacqueline Chong, Pakho Director Wong Jing, Patrick Kong
Story Sypnosis

Bobo (Chrissie Chau) was death in a car accident in Thailand during travelling. In Bobo’s funeral, her travelling buddies, Keung (Timmy Hung), Cheryl (Jacquelin Ch’ng), Mon (Charmaine Fong) and Heidi (Hatou Yeung) were saying their final farewell to Bobo. That was a desolate funeral, Keung and other buddies were chit-chatting and finally came to the name Kidd (Him Law), Bobo’s ex-boyfriend.

Once in the tour, Bobo had a heavy quarrel with Kidd in phone and threaten by Kidd’s suicide. Further, Mon suspected that Bobo was pregnant because she vomited in a hotpot dinner.

Meanwhile, a handsome but grieved man walked in, he was Kidd. He stayed till mid-night and reluctant to depart. At last, Heidi invited him for dinner with sympathy.

Another hotpot dinner~ Kidd was unwilling to eat any food whistle all buddies were having ravenously, further, Kidd vomited in a sudden after a while! Mon was shocked and scared at Kidd’s pale face. In the threatening moment, Keung nerved himself and asked Kidd the reasons of broke up with Bobo. Kidd feel ashamed and told – he was a married man. Kidd collapsed and cried.

Kidd took out his wedding photo and Mon recognized his wife, Jane (Stephy Tang), in another photo taken with Kidd, Bobo and Jane. Kidd was surprised, and chased for the reason. Mon slowly talked about the tour. Bobo had introduced Kidd and Jane to Mon and the buddies…

A sparking light faltered, a knife pierce Mon’s stomach – Kidd was handling the hilt. Keung, Cheryl and Heidi fell gradually with the poisoned food. Kidd poisoned the hotpot!

What is the relationship between Kidd, Jane and Bobo. Why Kidd has to kill all travelling buddies?

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