All’s Well End’s Well 2012 八星抱喜

Genre: Comedy

Release Date 20 January, 2012 Language Cantonese Subtitle Malay / Chinese / English Cast Raymond Wong, Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Chapman To, Sandra Ng, Kelly Chen, Lynn Xiong, Foxy Yang Director Chan Hing Ka, Janet Chun
Story Sypnosis

Distributed by: Lotus 5 Star                                                       Marketing by: Rainfilm Sdn Bhd

Network tycoon Maximilian established an all-weather female support site. Men come to bat and the only remuneration for them is one grateful embrace.

An unqualified father and also failed in his marriage, lawyer Richard (Raymond Wong) was yet assigned as a disguise to well-off Cecilia (Yang Mi)’s demised father to select the most suitable for her future husband in a month’s time. The role as the ‘phony daddy’ inspires Richard, and gives him strength to whip up the relationship with his daughter.

Frustrated pop singer Carl (Donnie Yen) was sent to be the candle-holder for Chelsia (Sandra Ng), member of a once-popular girls group, in accompany on her mentor’s dinner banquet, and more importantly, being her boyfriend of the night. Without expecting it, Chelsia was kicked out by her real boyfriend afterwards. The poor woman has no else where to go but staying at Carl’s. Both lost souls encourage each other on the way back to their music aspiration, and blossom out a new love.

Site foreman Ken (Louis Koo) models for female photographer Julie (Kelly Chen), who is ready to bring out the most of masculine vigor from him. Taking the advise of an old master, she understands woman is the catalyze to trigger a man’s charm, which then makes Ken mistaken Julie liked him. In fact, without her knowing it yet, Julie has already fallen for him, but the stark disparity of their social status becomes a hindrance of the pair’s relationship.

The mission of Hugo (Chapman To), a romance novelist who ironically does not believe in love, is to assist Charmine (Lynn Xiong), a blind and also a newbie in relationships in awakening her first romance. At first, the writer just muddles through it, but the sightless girl remedies the interior feelings about his appearance. While Hugo becomes more attached to his special companion, Charmine’s possibility of recovery is a reality slap for him to wake up from his love fantasy.

On quest in helping the female protagonists, the heroic mission of these four men turns to be a journey discovering their self-significant and values. And their embrace resembles the blossom of a beautiful relationship.

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